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 PMD RP with D/P Pokemon

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PostSubject: PMD RP with D/P Pokemon   Sun Dec 23, 2007 9:08 pm

You've been Transformed with others! You've made rescue Teams and gone Seperate ways. Sometimes you are rescuing the same thing, and you have to work together. But right now, You're just beggining.....................


The same as the game. You dont have to be a starter pokemon. You HAVE TO be a basic, but no Legends.And if everyone is friendly enough, there could be a guild.

There will be a sequal. Format:

Leader: Partner:
Name- Name-
Species- Species-
Gender- Gender-
Level- Level-
TeamName- TeamName-
Type- Type-
Moves- Moves-
Likes- Likes-
Hates- Hates-
Rival- Rival-

That's it. But plz put Leader and Partner above or below each one. Thank u.^^

Name- Shadow
Species- Shiny Ditto
Gender- Female
Level- 5 (we all start at 5)
TeamName- Team Transform
Type- Normal
Moves- All of them (Transform Ability)
Likes- Zappy, Chocolate, Rescuing, and BK
Hates- TeamMeanies, Other Rival Teams
Rival(s)- TeamMeanies,TeamVapor

Name- Zappy
Species- Shiny Eevee
Gender- Female
Level- 5 (we all start at 5)
TeamName- Team Transform
Type- Normal
Moves-(so far) Tackle, TailWhip, HelpingHand
Likes- Shadow and everything Shadow likes
Hates- TeamMeanies, Other Rival teams
Rival(s)- TeamMeanies, TeamVapor
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PMD RP with D/P Pokemon
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