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 Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Team Transform(Diamond/Pearl Pokes)

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PostSubject: Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Team Transform(Diamond/Pearl Pokes)   Sun Dec 23, 2007 9:12 pm

Chappy 1: Where am I? Who are you?

Where am I? Am I dreaming this? I feel a plesant breeze.....
I hear a voice. I wonder who it is?


"Hello?" a voice said. "Wake up please." it said.
"WAKE UP!!!!!!!!!!!!" I jerked awake. A Eevee was standing in front of me. "Hello!" it said.
"My name is Zappy. What's yours?" Zappy asked.
"YOU CAN TALK!!?.............My name is Shadow." I said. Zappy was a Shiny Eevee. She was blueish-white; almost silver.
"Well, you can talk too!" She said. "You look like a Shiny Ditto in everyway." "But I'm not a Ditto!" I replied. "I'm a Human!

It's true! I'm a Shiny Ditto! But why?
I don't remember anything..........


" Um..........your kind of weird." said Zappy. I sighed. "Help! Help me!" a voice cried out.
" I wonder who that is?" we wondered aloud.

Shadow- I like being A Pokemon!
Zappy- YAY! Can we be friends?
Shadow- Of course!
Me- Ok you two.
Mystery Voice- Shut it and Continue! >=(
Me- O.o.......................
Zappy- You can't talk like that! Here's Chappy 2! =P
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Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Team Transform(Diamond/Pearl Pokes)
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