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 Fanfiction Rules!

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PostSubject: Fanfiction Rules!   Fanfiction Rules! Icon_minitimeSun Dec 30, 2007 11:26 am

In this post I will tell you all the rules for making a fanfiction. The things you should and shouldn't do. 'Kay, here goes...


2.Be sure to give us the rating of your fanfiction in the very first post. Also that in the post, you should put it at the very top. If you don't know what the rating should be, then just list what there will be in the fanfiction such as violence, drug use, and other stuff. If you haven't done that yet, then don't worry, just edit your first post.

3.You are allowed to double post in a fanfiction, but only the writer can if they're posting another chapter of their fanfiction. Anything else will be deleted by a moderator or administrator.

4.Questions can be asked about the fanfiction, but flaming and/or spamming isn't allowed. Those posts will also be deleted by a moderator or administrator. There's a thread for spamming, use that instead.

5.Comments are always appreciated, but again, no flaming and/or spamming.

6.Use some common sense, anyone who doesn't own the fanfiction can't post a new chapter in it.

Got anything else to add? PM an administrator or moderator and they'll add it depending on what it is.

Fanfiction Rules! Absolsig
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Fanfiction Rules!
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