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 The Darkness in Light

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PostSubject: The Darkness in Light   The Darkness in Light Icon_minitimeFri Jan 04, 2008 10:30 pm

well, as of now, I plan on it being the typical pokemon battle, but some of the battles may get a bit, well, I'd say PG

Chapter 1:

You know? I always liked my life. I had an awesome home at the bottom of the sea, and when I got bored of that, I was free to roam wherever: in air and sea. I had the coolest father any daughter of the sea could ever hope for: the Guardian of the Sea. He taught me everything. He showed me the way to be a Lugia, including hunting in the currents, flying, diving, and all that cool stuff a Lugia needs to know. And, I had the greatest friend ever.
Now, Syrus was an interesting Lugia. He was so playful and so hyper all the time. He would always come to my home and drag me outside to play. He always had a new game for us. He'd do anything for me, and honestly, I was cool with that. We'd known each other for years, so we'd had time to bond. I'm beautiful, sleek, fast, and smart. As for him, well, I liked him too. He's so strong, handsome, a bit dimwitted, but still...what's not to like?
My story will start before the whole tragedy began. I will speak everything that is in my knowledge, but there should be enough for the story to get through...

"Syrus? Syrus! Where are you?" I cried as loud as I could through the water. My telepathy was quite developed at that time, able to call just about anyone in our part of the sea. Syrus was just hiding and it made me upset. "We're going to be late!"
I soon saw a dark figure lurking around near the big smokers. Their black smoke didn't dissapate into the water for a while so made it a great hiding spot. I saw the figure's shape and instantly recognized it as a Lugia.
"A-ha!!!" I cried as I swam as fast as I could to it. I was going in to tackle him, when I realized a mistake. I whipped my wings out to slow down, stopping face to face with my father. Ooops...
"Aurora, there you are." My father's voice was so calm, yet I knew I was in trouble. "You must go back home and get ready to go. If we're late, it wont look good." I looked away as he lowered his voice at the last sentence.
I never did anything wrong. It was always Syrus. He always got me in trouble. Just as I began swiming home, who else should pop out from the smoke? Syrus.
"Syrus!" I shouted at him. "You were there! I knew it!" I shook my head as he swam circles around me. "Knock it off," I said bluntly. He stopped, and I continued speaking. "You got me into trouble, you jerk."
"Aww, you know I didn't mean it!" Syrus's voice was so inocent, yet he knew it was his fault. "Look, I'll talk to your dad."
"NO!" I screamed, accidentally catching my dad's attention. I smiled at him, making him look away, and looked back at Syrus. "Don't go making it worse, got it?!" I leaned my beak closer to his as stared into his eyes with a look that could kill. "You've done enough, now go home and get ready to go!"
With that, he swam off as quick as his wings could move him. I looked in his direction triumphantly, then also made my way home.
I had to swim a ways to get home, but I enjoyed the trip. Our home is a large abyss deep in the ocean's bottom. All around the abyss are seagrass, coral reefs of thousands of colors, and interesting rock formations. The abyss stretched far along the seabed, and was lined with multiplue caves near the bottom of the cliff. These cliffs were the homes to the Lugia who lived here. Not many Lugia lived here, but there were a few families.
I began my descent down to the largest of the caves: my home. All along the way I watched the weeds and coral dissappear, and saw the beautiful glowing coral that lit up our home. I swam down, gracefully gliding into the cave, and kept going until I found a part where it split into two directions.
I swam into the left one, following a long line of blue glowing coral, into a large chamber which was my room. On one of the walls was a sponge bed upon which I flung myself down on. Above it was a shelf in the rock in which I kept some of my special things, including a particularly beautiful rainbow pearl Syrus had found for me.
I got up and drifted over to the other side of the room, where there was an opening which led into a brightly lit and colored smaller room in which I had a large reflective shell which served as a mirror. On the rock table beneath it were numerous flowers and shells, all of which were necklaces.
I looked each one over and tried numerous on, but finally decided on a blue flower with a pearly white center. I then swam over to my shelf above my bed and grabbed an orangish and pink shell in the shape of a heart, which I carried with me as I flew back to the abyss.
My father was waiting for me, along with Syrus, and they each held a shell of bright colors as well. I sat next to my father, which I noticed for the first time was as tall as me. I never realized how tall I'd gotten. I looked over at Syrus and began laughing as I noticed he was the same height. Syrus gave me a questioning look as to why I laughed, but I just looked away.
"Now," My father began telling us. "You two must behave. It's a momentous occasion for Articuno, alright? It's not everyday that a baby Articuno hatches."
"We will, dad," I said, casting a glare over at Syrus, who nodded in a hasty agreement. My dad launched off the ground and swiftly rose to the surface, catching the attention of every other Lugia down there. He was the Guardian, everyone paid attention to him. I looked away sadly. I didn't get as much attention, even for his heir, but I didn't even want to be the future Guradian.
"Come on, Aurora!" Syrus said, already near the surface. "Let's go!" I spread my wings and I, too, made my way to the island of ice.

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PostSubject: Re: The Darkness in Light   The Darkness in Light Icon_minitimeSat Jan 05, 2008 8:58 pm

Chapter 2:

"Hey, Dad?" I asked my father when we landed on Ice Island. "Where is everyone?" The island should be bustling with activity for this was a great day for a celebration. The sun was shining, the snow on the mountain glistened, and the ocean spray was perfect. But where was everyone?
"They're most likely at the shrine." Syrus said. At my father's nod, Syrus continued. "I knew it. See, that's where the egg is, and who's gonna move it all the way down here?"
"Alright, know-it-all..." I huffed. "You win." The three of us took flight once again and caught and updraft, lifting us up to the mountain peak. As I flew over the ridge, I noticed that there was activity here.
Articuno, the mother-to-be, was sitting calmly on a crystal blue egg directly in front of the shrine. The egg's shimmer and sheen made the ice orb which sat in the shrine seem dull. Sitting near the site, but with a good distance, was Suicune, who spoke with Moltres. They were continuously laughing, which was a good sign. The two of them usually don't get off to a good start. Talking with Articuno was Mew, who I was amazed to see. Mew never showed up to Legend occasions. Scattered among the scene I also noticed Azelf, Uxie, Cressilia, Latios, and Latias. It was a good show-up, and I'm glad they did come.
Syrus and I immediately flew over to Latios and Latias, with whom we were good friends, and we began a little game of tag. Of course, my father gave us a stern look, and we stopped. Thank goodness for Articuno. She shook herself off then adressed us.
"You know," she said in a crystal clear voice, one that could sing a lullaby just by speaking. "You can do me a favor." She knew us too well. We loved being active, the four of us, and I could only guess that Articuno wanted us to fly somewhere. We were right. "I would like the four of you to go fetch Zapdos. He's late, as usual, and I want him to hurry up. Can you do that?"
I laughed. "Of course we can!" I turned to Syrus. "Shall we?" The three of them cheered and we all sped off, leaving a strong wind current behind us. Once again, my father shook his head.

I was in front of our little group, which made Syrus speed up. That led us into a race. Latios and Latias zoomed past, making me fly a little off course from the wind current. Syrus liked how I slowed down like that and flew past me as well, making me fall behind everyone.
When I caught myself, I decided to pull a stunt of my own. Instead of flying towards them, I dove into the water. I kept going deeper and deeper, until the abyss was visible, then I began my trick. I was able to pull of a very strong whirlpool attack, just like my dad, and immediately began spinning. I felt the water spiral around me and I felt myself speed up. I made the twisting whirlpool angle up and using my psychic powers, I located my friends. They had no clue what was about to happen.
I began speeding towards them, getting closer and closer to the surface. I easily withstood the dizzying force of the whirlpool as I sped up even more. So close...
Syrus was flying neck and neck with Latios, with Latias only an inch behind. They were so close to the island, and they hadn't realized the dissappearance of Aurora. They didn't even notice the bubbles that continued to surface underneath them. It would have been better if they did, though, for as they were only a couple hundred feet from Lightning Island, my whirlpool erupted from the waves, crashing into my friends. I continued spinning until finally, I broke through the water.
I sat down on the warm, golden sand of the island, waiting for the three of them to notice. Syrus was the first.
"What?!" He cried. "How did you?!... What did you?!... Why did you?!..."
I laughed. "Will you finish a question before asking another please? It's very hard to understand you."
"How did you get ahead of us like that?" Latios asked. He and his sister obviously didn't know the capabilities of my whirlpool.
"I have skill," I told them shortly. At their angry, yet stunned faces, I went to open my mouth, but shut it again as bolts of lightning crashed all around us.
I looked up to see a glowing yellow ball of lightning which was the source of these bolts. More and more continued sprouting, until finally the shape of Zapdos emerged. I always loved his big entrances. He glided down gently, yet his talons crashed into the sand as he landed. A little more than half my size, Zapdos was incredibly fearsome. I laughed, though, knowing he'd never hurt me. We were great friends as well, often racing through the frequent ocean storms.
"WHO DARES TRESSPASS ON MY ISLAND?!" his voice boomed like thunder across the beach, to the point I'm sure the others on Ice Island would hear. He could hold a straight face alot better than I could. I began laughing harder, making him try to be even more intimidating. Syrus, Latios, and Latias were taken by it though, backing up into the sky a bit.
"Well, Zapdos," I said between giggles. "Articuno's becoming unhappy that you haven't shown up yet."
This broke through his play. "She is?" He looked sadly up at Ice Island sitting on the Horizon. "Well, we can't have that. Alright then, let me just grab something." He launched up into the sky like a bolt of lightning, and dissappeared over his mountain.
I took off, beckoning Syrus, Latios and Latias to follow, and the four of us began flying back to Ice Island. Zapdos came up behind not long after, and we all headed back to the party.
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PostSubject: Re: The Darkness in Light   The Darkness in Light Icon_minitimeThu Jan 10, 2008 1:18 pm

great story so far! cheers what saddens me is that your a bit better than me at making fan fictions : (
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PostSubject: Re: The Darkness in Light   The Darkness in Light Icon_minitimeFri Jan 11, 2008 6:30 pm

well, thank you...i think...but it all comes from experience, motivation...and an over-active imagination...
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PostSubject: Re: The Darkness in Light   The Darkness in Light Icon_minitimeSat Jan 12, 2008 7:15 pm

Chapter 3:

As I once again cleared the summit of Ice Island, I saw everyone had begun giving their gifts to Articuno. They had all lined up and one by one dropped off their gifts, some giving more from the other legendaries of the world. My father was next and I watched him deposit a golden shell next to the other gifts which circled the egg. This was custom. The baby would hatch and be immediately entertained by the gifts.
The five of us rushed to get in line. I watched the others give their gifts. Moltres gave a fire stone, Suicune gave a Mystic Water, Mew left a very shiny pearl that grew in a complex spiral-like shape, and so on. Zapdos then placed a Thunder stone on the nest and flew off to speak with my father.
Syrus and I both gave our gifts at the same time. I gave the sunset colored heart shell to her and Syrus gave a deep blue and purple shell in the shape of a star. We both walked away happily. Latios and Latias gave their gifts, beautiful flowers from their town, and then hovered over to us with a sad face.
"What's wrong?" I asked. They were generally so happy.
"We have to leave," Latias said. "We are the guardians of Alto Mare after all."
Syrus and I wished them a safe journey home, then watched them zoom off into the clouds, vanishing as they turned invisible. As for the two of us, we continued our antics by flying circles around the summit peak.

It had to have been hours since we returned with Zapdos when a loud yet crystal clear sound, much like a music note, rung through the shrine. We all turned our heads to the now standing Articuno. This was the moment we all waited for.
We all gathered around the egg as it seemed to twitch. It twitcked a couple times, then rocked back and forth once. Then twice. A third time, and another clear note rang as a crack split down the top. As the crack grew, the egg became a music box for more rings and of course, a chirping from inside.
Finally, after a few minutes of the cracking, the egg exploded, showering us with crystal bits. Where the egg was there was now a ball of sparkling mist. The mist gently blew away, revealing a small, blue, fuzzy body. Everyone ooohed and ahhhed at the critter's fluffyness and did so even more as its big, red eyes opened up.
Articuno nudged her newborn as it began playing with the gifts, as expected. I was thrilled when the first gift it eyed was my own gift. It was so cute. The little Articuno played for a while, then yawned.
"My baby," Articuno crooned. "Such a sweet boy." It was plain obvious that it was a boy from the head. Male Articunos have larger head crests which come down to meet the eyes*. "I shall name you Sky." Each baby Legendary gains a name other than the species name until it is the oldest in existance. Then it is just known by its species name.
We all greeted Sky and introduced ourselves. It took a while, especially cuz we all wanted to play with the cutie, so we waited patiently. When I went up to Sky, he looked at me with those big, red eyes and I felt all warm inside. He was so cute. After we said our greetings, we continued with the party. Then, our happiness was halted as the sky grew dark.

* This is a bit of info I have devised from history and also from looking at TST. Arti here is a girl, and look at her art. Now look at these:

Male (from episode Numero Uno Articuno)-

Female (typical Arti art and also from pokemon 2000 and the old series opening)-
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PostSubject: Re: The Darkness in Light   The Darkness in Light Icon_minitimeSat Jan 12, 2008 7:16 pm

Chapter 4:

I quickly got closer to Syrus and my father as the clouds grew thick and dark. Thunder crashed across the sky, making everyone flinch. No one expected this storm. Legendaries did have the power to create them, but they usually didn't unless they had a good reason. Disrupting a party was not on the list.
My father was staring deep into the clouds, as if something was there. Syrus did the same. Why did I not sense anything? Then I understood what they were sensing. I felt a twinge in my head, one that made me feel somewhat upset. There was something out there, but what?
"Quickly!" my father shouted as winds kicked up. "Get into safetly!" The others all began making way for the tunnel system that led to the base of the mountain. There were multiple branches of tunnels leading into shelters which they made their way for. "Aurora!"
I looked back at my father, who I realized was getting ready to fly. "What?"
"You must help the others get into safety!" His voice showed fear, which was unexpected.
I noticed Syrus was ready to fly too. "Why's he going?!"
"You must help them! Don't worry about him!" With that, I knew something was wrong. I watched as my father flew up to the storm. Syrus stayed behind.
"What is it?!" I shouted. The wind had grown strong and carried my voice away.
"This is serious, Aurora!" His voice was terrifying to me. He was acting as if he'd never see me again. "Please! In case this is really bad...just..." he stammered, then leaned forward. I leaned back a bit, thinking he was being blown over by the wind, when in fact, he gave me something. It was another rainbow pearl, only bigger, and in the shape of a heart. It was a necklace, and he put it on me. And before I could question it, he kissed me.
With one final look, he flew off after my father. He takes things as if they'll be his last breath. But something was wrong. He kissed me? At a moment like this? I shook my head to snap me back to reality. There was a group of legendaries who needed help.
"Quickly!" I shouted. I stood in front of the cave opening and rushed them in. But most didn't go in. Most dissappeared, going back to their homes. Only Zapdos, Moltres, and the Articunos remained. I got them in. I then went and helped Articuno by carrying Sky as we all went into the system.

Everyone huddled in a large chamber in the mountain. Something was happening out there, for we heard strange sounds. Sounds such as roars from my father, changes in wind direction, and a strange roar unlike any I had ever heard. It sounded like a mix of roars, one I felt was familiar, and one was hollow and cold, making me shiver at the sound.
Sky began crying, making Articuno panic. At her panic, Moltres went into a frenzy. Zapdos, surrounded by fear, also began frantically looking round. I didn't know what to do. My father told me to stay here and protect them, and being the Guardian-in-training, that's what I was supposed to do. But, something compelled me to go outside.
"Guys?!" I had to practically scream over their cries. "I need to go help my father and Syrus!"
"Do what you must," Moltres said. She always had a bit of advice to add with everything, so I waited for it. I was right. "It is your duty to protect, and protect them you must."
"Yes," Zapdos added with a smile. "You mustn't let your boyfriend down." I looked at him as he smirked.
"Do as you feel your heart tells you," Articuno said with her motherly voice. I hugged all three of them. I never had a mother, and they were like the mother I never had put together, of course, Zapdos not being a mother, but like a mother's palyfulness. I couldn't think of a more crucial moment than this to express that to them. I then flapped my wings and left the caves.

I flew out of the tunnels and sped off over the summit to find my father and Syrus. What I found was much more that I had ever expected. And it was going to change my life forever.
My father and Syrus were back to back, surrounded by numerous flying pokemon, most of which were Crobats, Fearows, and Honchcrows. One thing that I'm sure held the advantage was most of these pokemon held small electric pokemon on their backs. I was too enraged by the attack to even care. I did exactly what a mad Lugia would do any day.
I unleashed my war-cry: a long, loud trill that caught everyone's attention, but in a way that everyone went into confusion. Syrus used the distraction to whip his tail around, slamming five pokemon into a spiraling dive toward the sea below. He then darted towards the flock of Murkrows that were charging me. In one swift swoop, he created such a backwind drag that the whole flock was sent into chaos.
My father, during this time, was battling the rest of the flock. He gracefully avoided the multiple Thunderbolts that were sent after him, making twists and turns one would deem impossible. He didn't attack any of them, but his speed and agility did just fine, making other pokemon collide with one another.
After long minutes of these strategies, the flock returned to three large pokemon in the distance. They were somewhat concealed in the fog, but they soon appeared in plain sight.
One was a blackish purple Salamence, large and ferocious. The one in the middle was a dragonite of the same color, and on the other side was a Charizard, same color. What were they?
"Aurora!" My father's voice was of relief, and anger. "Are you alright?"
"I'm fine," I panted. Syrus came up beside me so I said it again. "I'm fine...what's going on?"
"These pokemon," Syrus said while staring at the trio in the distance. "They seem so...strange..."
My father shook his head. "The presence I sense is cold, as if they're hearts are evil."
At that moment, the three of them rushed the three of us. We avoided them, but they turned back and began glowing a dark aura. This was not going to be a peaceful battle.
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PostSubject: Re: The Darkness in Light   The Darkness in Light Icon_minitimeSat Jan 12, 2008 7:16 pm

Chapter 5:

"Aurora, Syrus!" My father shouted as the three dark pokemon turned back. "You will fight not fight in this battle!" Syrus and I had no complaints and flew off in another direction.
We flew into the clouds, away from the battle, when we felt a strange pressure. It was getting stronger, as if we were deep underwater, deeper than our home. A rushing sound made us stop and stay in one place. It was the sound I would hear when I fly at high speeds. The sound of wind passing a large, fast object. Soon, a black shadow appeared in the clouds above us. We stared at it until a strange scene came.
The clouds that were dark from the shadow began swirling. They spiraled faster and faster until they opened up. If the shadow wasn't there, it would have revealed the blue sky above. But that shadow was a pokemon. We could make out the color, which was the same black-purple of the three dragons below us. It was large, like us, only slightly larger. It had red eyes that glowed, but before we could determine any details, it wooshed past us. It was heading towards my father.
"No!" I shouted as I followed in the dragwind the monster created. Syrus followed soon after, trying to stop me. I wouldn't though, and so he had no choice but to follow.
I used my Whirlwind to speed past the monster, leaving Syrus far behind. I did a quick backspin to break the spin and halted in front of the monster. But now I saw what it was. Rayquaza.
"Rayquaza!" I called, but he wasn't stopping. In fact, he sped up. Syrus dove past and knocked me out of the way before I got seriously hurt. "What is going on, Syrus?! Why did he try to attack me?"
"I don't know...but I think it involves the other pokemon that attacked us"
"We need to help him! He's gonna hurt someone or get hurt himself!"
"Aurora! I...I think he tried to kill you just now. He's not-" Syrus was halted as a loud roar of pain filled the air.
"Father!!!" I cried, recognizing it as his, then dropped into the clouds to enter the fray. Syrus had no choice but to follow.

Syrus and I were imobilized by fear as my father was on the ground of the Ice Island shore. He was hurt and any time he tried healing, he was hurt more by the other pokemon. I wanted to go help, but the face he gave me told me no. That and Rayquaza stared him down. But what caught my curiousity was the human on Rayquaza's head. I could hear his voice from where I hovered.
"With these Shadow Pokemon," he shouted in triumph. "I will rule the world! No one has seen the true potential of Shadow Pokemon, but I shall unleash it!" Raquaza bent towards my father. "Rayquaza! Hyperbeam attack!"
Raquaza's mouth opened as the ball of energy formed. It grew bigger and brighter as Rayquaza bent his head directly in front of my father.
"At that range it'll kill him!" I cried. Without thinking, I rushed at them. I could hardly even hear Syrus' pleads because the wind was too loud as I sped off.
The beam was fully charged and fired just as I flew in front of my father. I used my protect to negate the attack and thankfully it worked, but I was launched backwards into the wall from the force. It gave enough time for Rayquaza to pick me up and fly out to the waves.
"Rayquaza!" the man said. "Get rid of it!" He leapt off and landed on the Charizard. Raquaza twisted and turned, slamming me against the waves. I was becoming quite dizzy, but I couldn't stop it.
Syrus tried helping but the Salamence and Dragonite blocked his way. He tried speeding around them, but they were quite as fast. He tried going underwater, but Dragonite froze it with Ice Beam. Syrus wasn't as good at diving as me, and could not break the ice. He instead hit it head on and collapsed on the ice.
I was left. Rayquaza was tossing me and catching me like I were a toy, making me very weak. Yet I held on. I had to protect them. It was my job. I finally got a chance.
Rayquaza threw me once more, and I instantly used whirlwind to get out of there. I rushed towards the two dragons with my whirlwind, but Rayquaza got in front of me. I broke it, and nearly got hit by an Ice beam Rayquaza fired at me. I darted past him, aiming for the Charizard with the human.
I used a dragwind to knock the Charizard off balance, then came back around and slammed it across the face with my tail. As it flew backwards, I got in front of it and blocked escape. I then had a choice. Rayquaza was about to kill Syrus, but if I allowed the man to escape, they would create more evil. I wouldn't have gotten to Syrus in time, so I used the full power of a Lugia. I began charging power as I slowly raised my head at Rayquaza. A ball of energy began forming as wind began swirling. My body glowed blue as the ball grew more compressed and wind grew stronger.
Finally, I unleashed my ultimate Aeroblast directly at Rayquaza. The beam shot fast and perfectly hitting him in the head and knocking him backwards into the cliff of Ice Island. Winds began swirling every which way as I lowered my self down. That took alot of energy to do for one as young as me. Just as I thought it couldn't get worse, it did.
"GRAAAEEEEUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUURGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHH!!!" Was my roar as a strange collar set on my neck. It wouldn't come off and it began shocking me. I continued roaring in pain, falling onto the ice with a crack as it shattered. I got up and tried flying, but a strange set of bars came circling me. They were big and continued circling me until the had me trapped inside a barrier. I tried breaking it, but each hit made me get hurt. The bars were circular and spun around much like how my father told me how the Defense System of Altomare works with Latios and Latias*. It hovered there as I waited helplessly inside.
The man was once again on Rayquaza and was clapping for me. "Bravo! Bravo! I haven't seen such enthusiasm about fighting!" He took out a small black pokeball. "You will do perfect!" He threw it at the barrier, and all grew a purplish-black with red sparks. I felt a strange feeling of containment as if the barrier bars had grown to the size of a pidgey. I pushed and struggled to break free, and tried over and over again, but it wouldn't budge. The red sparks grew more numerous as I felt a weak sensation. Finally, I had more space, but all grew black.
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PostSubject: Re: The Darkness in Light   The Darkness in Light Icon_minitimeSat Jan 12, 2008 9:29 pm

Chapter 6:

The storm had finally passed, allowing the setting sun to finally shine on the Shamuti Islands. Ice Island, however, looked like a warzone. The coast was turned up, trees had fallen, the sliff face had large dents in it from where rocks were crushed and fell.
On the coast, a large, silver pokemon was laying motionless. Not far from the shore was another, younger silver pokemon on a rock that surfaced from the bottom. Both seemed exhausted from a long battle.
Syrus rolled his neck over so that it hung from the rock into the water. He slowly opened his eyes and saw a Huntail looking at him. He softly shooed it away, for his whole body was in pain. he was unwilling to move, so let his face stay submerged. He was beginning to drift back to sleep. He watched the sunset's light dance across the sand at the bottom of the sea at the base of this rock. The movements hypnotized him and before he knew it, he was out once more.

A soft pecking woke Syrus up once more. It would normally have been ignored, but he was so sore that it stung incredibly. When the pecking persisted, he lifted his head out of the water. What met his eyes stunned him for a moment. The moon hung above the sea, which was so calm and peaceful.
"Wh..uh...nnn?" Syrus groaned. His vision was slightly blurred, but it cleared to reveal Moltres. "Mu...nn...rss....?"
Moltres chuckled a bit. "Yes, Moltres is here. Friends are supposed to help friends." She carefully proped Syrus up so he could look around. His vision adapted and he could see Lugia sitting up on the shore with Zapdos and Articuno. Sky sat on Articuno's back, fast asleep. "You are fine now."
" long has it been?" Syrus managed to force out clearly. He felt as though he had been out for weeks.
"Oh..." Moltres looked at the moon. "It's been a few good hours. You know, we should get back to the others." She took flight and hovered over the water. Thankfully the water was easy to travel in. Syrus slunk into it like a snake and drifted to the shore with Moltres overhead.
Lugia smiled a bit as Syrus dragged himself over to the rest of them. "Are you alright, Syrus?" he asked. At a slight nod, he looked down. He wa sore as well. Syrus sat down in a tired huff, happy to be with company.
"Well, you two are alive. We were so worried," Articuno said. "We wanted to help, but a large Ice chunk blocked the summit exit, and a landslide closed off the bottom exit. It took a while to move."
Syrus layed down and stared at the stars. Some small wisps of clouds had formed the shape of a Lugia's head. It seemed to be crying, and it looked so familiar. It looked kinda like Aurora.
"AURORA!" Syrus shouted as he sat up instantly. He looked around. She was nowhere to be seen. He vaguely remembered he above him, defending him with a beam of light. He also seemed to remember her falling onto the ice with a crack. Was that her bones crushing? Was she hurt? Or worse... "Where is she!!!" He got up, but fell over again from the soreness.
All three of the elemental birds looked at one another. None held a face that would relieve Syrus' rage. He turned to them angrily. Lugia looked up with the face of a father who's daughter was dead.
"Where is my daughter?" He said, with a tone that could make even the gods cry. "Where is she?"
"Answer the freaking question!" Syrus yelled. His fury was at unsettling levels. He stared a deathly stare at them as he waited for an answer.
Zapdos was the one to answer. He seemed to ponder his choice of words carefully. "We..." he started, taking a deep breath. "We searched everywhere...but....there's no sign anywhere..." He turned away from the two Lugia.
The silence that followed was louder than anything as Syrus' mind raced.
"There..." Moltres stammered. "There was one thing...I think you might know what it is..." She plucked something from Articuno's back without disturbing the child. Syrus stared, horrified, at what it was.
In Moltres' beak was a necklace of pearls, with one large, rainbow, heart shpared pearl as the center of attention. Syrus felt his heart skip a beat.
"No..." he whispered as he took the necklace. He held it tight as he shouted into the heavens. "NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!" He trilled it so sadly into the sky that the whole Shamuti Island could hear it. It held so much sadness that the waves rolled slowly and gently. Lugia lowered his head in a bow for his daughter. The three other birds also bowed, but it was Syrus who could not do so. He waded out to the water and faced the moon, and continued his mournig trills to the heavens, for his beloved was gone.
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Chapter 7:

The darkness was everlasting. I felt as though I was in an infinite void. There was no air, yet I could breath. It was so cold, yet I was not bothered. I could hear voices. Were they in my head? No, they came from around me. But not in my head. I tried moving toward it, but I didn't feel like I got anywhere. It was horrible. Was I dead? Was that constriction from earlier the leaving of my soul from my body?
Just as I felt as though I really was dead, the darkness gave into that purplish light and red sparks. I felt a rush of air, so I must be back. As light blinded me, I just about shouted for Syrus. But I realized, I wasn't home. In fact, I didn't think I was anywhere near the sea. What I did recognize was that horrible man who attacked us.
"You!?" I cried. "What are you doing to me?!" I wanted to attack him, but that spinning sphere cage was trapping me.
"Well, Lugia," the man said with a smirk of pure evil. "I told you earlier. You'll do perfect!" I stared as he walked around me, which I realized I was hovering over some strange human technology thing. More humans were working with the strange machine. The man continued. "You are to be part of my biggest experiment. Bigger even than XD001, the original Shadow Lugia. You shall serve me, Zelgius, your new master!"
"Master?" I asked, both upset, yet curious. What was this man up to? "What do you mean?"
"Well," Zelgius continued. "I need a minion as villanous as me. One who will strike fear into hearts. Who else than one who is fabled as a Guardian of the Sea?" He motioned to one of the men beneath me, and I felt a surge of pain. I tried retalliated, but couldn't get out. "Let's begin with this, shall we?"
Another surge and I flinched at it. Again, I tried fighting back, but couldn't. I was mad. Mad that I wasn't home, mad that I wasn't able to fight, and mad that someone was controlling my fate. Another surge sent me into more anger.
"Your father has betrayed you," Zelgius told me softly. "He asked me to take you here. To get rid of you. You've been a problem to him ever since wouldn't want to know..."
I looked up, crying. My father didn't want me? Why? "Tell me..." I whimpered as another suge shot through. I felt angry towards my father for this.
"Well," Zelgius crooned. "Alright. If you insist. Your father told me of your mother. How she loved you dearly, and you cold-heartedly killed her."
"I...what?" A pain shot through my heart this time, but it wasn't caused by humans. I did that? I didn't know. I couldn't. "My mom?"
"Yes," said the man. He showed me his face for the first time. I noticed a long scar from his left eye down to his chin. His left eye was a strange white color, but the iris and pupil was still there. "And I tried stopping it. This is a token of your power." He pointed to his scar.
"'" I shook my head repeatedly. I did that to a human? That's why he was mad. I felt so bad. I felt sorry for him. No, no I didn't. He attacked us and that wasn't right. But another pain ran through me and I became angrier. My father put me through this, and I thought he loved his own daughter.
"And as for your friend, the other Lugia," Zelgius continued. "He was the one who convinced you to do it. He always got you into trouble, so could easily get you to do that."
"Syrus, wouldn't. He...loved me..."
"He didn't love you. If you became a couple, he would gain the power of Guardian of the Sea. You are the Heiress to the throne until a male gains it through love."
I couldn't believe it. He used me? For power!? I was betrayed. My father hated me. My love used me, and I...I killed my own mother. No, I...I don't deserve to live! "NO!!!"
The pain was so sharp, and in my heart. I felt myself growing cold and detatched. I looked down and noticed a change in my wings. They were a dark color, much like the four "Shadow" pokemon from before. In fact, my whole body was different. So...dark.
"Well?" Zelgius asked. "Will you assist me?"
I answered. "Assist how?" My voice had a strange hollow tone, as if I had spoken with no soul.
"You shall serve me," he said. "You will do as I say, whatever I say, whenever I say. Will you?"
A long moment's pause drew everyone's attention. All human and pokemon eyes turned to me ans my new appearance seemed to be the very essence of evil. I finally gave him my reply.
"I shall."
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The Darkness in Light
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