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 Shadows and Corruption

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PostSubject: Shadows and Corruption   Shadows and Corruption Icon_minitimeWed Feb 20, 2008 6:41 am

(ok, lets see, there is going to be fighting and stuff like that, I wonder what to rate this.. o_O anyways, going to do the intro.)

"It has been 20 years since King Ven ruled over Estrain. This world.. has another brother, a shadow brother to be exact. Although, despite the pokemon there for being "Shadows" they are actually pretty nice. They have never tried to take over Estrain. They just wanted to be left alone. Unfortunately, King Ven has a grudge on them. Fortunately, one of our spies have heard him." The person talking sighs "He is going to kill them." Then he turns around to a man that was in his early 20s. The man has Phazoid Battle Armor on. It was Xerdox. Then the
person talking smiles "thats where you come in. These Shadows are kinda timid whenever they meet a human so this is going to be a hard task for you. I may send in some help to aid you on this mission... good luck Xerdox" Xerdox nods. He gets out of his seat and walks out the door. He then makes it to a portal. He looks back at the man. "reinforcements may come in later" he said. Xerdox nods once more and heads through..arriving in Dark Estrain...

(ok thats the intro. In this you could be either a Shadow Pokemon or someone to help Xerdox. If you decide to help Xerdox, then great ^^; if your a Shadow Pokemon, then thats great too. Oh, and you could make more characters so you could be on both sides and stuff like that. But you need to post their profiles though. You can also think of characters along the way. And Dark Estrain ((the Shadow Pokemon homeworld)) won't have a poison atmosphere like Dark Aether from Metroid Prime 2 Echoes making this task a bit easier ^^; And you get to be "corrupted" if you want. Meaning that you get to use phazon. But you might have to pay the price, I'll show you what I mean along the way ^^; and you can make bosses ((aka strong bad guys)) so, we will start after we get one or two people))

Xerdox's profile:

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Shadows and Corruption
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