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PostSubject: Shadowabsol's OCs   Shadowabsol's OCs Icon_minitimeFri Dec 07, 2007 8:32 pm

Well, I have many, many OCs, and I've only made one so far. Her name is Soloo (which happens to be my real life nickname). Um, yeah...I'll send you the information about and link to her...
Name:Soloo Akira
Friends:Nagato, Arya, Momo, and Sasuki
Personality:She's usually happy and likes to annoy people and start arguments out of practically nothing.
Past:Born in the Rock Village, she became a specialist in explosives. Her family died soon after due to some terrible disease going around. Soloo was on a mission with her team during that time, though. She had a mother, brother, and father, but they were all dead. Thought most of the Villagers died from the horrid disease, some were loyal and stayed, while others moved away. It was by the age of fifteen that Soloo was deemed as the Tsuchikage. Even though her Village and Arya's Village are real enemies, she has become friends with the Hokage and they attempted to make peace, only to end up in failure. They're still good friends, however. When she was taking a walk, Soloo spotted an abandoned puppy digging through the trash, it was odd to her because the puppy had not only gray but red on it as well! She was a ferocious puppy, but Soloo managed to make friends with her and bring her home, deciding to name her Blair and consider her as the only family that she has left. Blair aged and learned how to speak and understand every word of the English language. Eventually, Soloo met up with Nagato, who Blair had dragged in after beating him up. Though both Nagato and Blair hate each other, argue more than she and Arya do, and they totally ignore her when she's trying to break the Akatsuki leader and puppy's fight up, she still loved them both as family and friend. After she was a few months past the age of sixteen, Soloo created poison projectiles, but ended up having them used against her as she was murdered in her sleep by one of her advisers. She was never forgotten and is now known as the Tsuchikage Goddess.
Ehe, maybe you like it, maybe you don't? I'll put up Kuro after a while. ^^;

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Shadowabsol's OCs
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